As a 10 day old baby Glyn was placed in an orphanage. The suffering she endured as a child was severe. Glyn’s teenage and early adult years were lived in constant fear, with domestic violence and rape a daily occurrence.


By the age of 19 she had three children to care for. It was only the love for them that kept her going in these dark days. Throughout her battle to save and protect them, she was let down many times, by government departments, the general community and also the legal system.
Motivated by personal experiences Glyn embarked on a journey of intense training in many areas. These studies have enabled her to support, lend an ear and give a voice to many others affected by abuse.
Glyn's autobiography chronicles the difficult circumstances she lived through and the barriers she faced in her struggle to protect her children. During the process of writing her story, she found the courage to bring her perpetrators to justice.


Her case reached the High Court of Australia in 2012 and its decision set a precedent that changed the law not only nationally but internationally.